Leap to freedom lands burglar in Phuket toilet

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: A woman fleeing police with stolen items worth more than B300,000 leaped from a third-story Patong apartment balcony this morning (Jan 26) only to burst through the roof she landed on – and crash land in a neighbour’s bathroom.

Soraya Chantasri, 23, was found on her neighbour’s bathroom floor with two bags containing stolen items. Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub


Officers took Soraya Chantasri, 23, from Buriram, into custody at the Laylatong Apartment in Soi Paradise at 11am, Capt Suchart Luecha of the Thalang Police explained at a press conference this morning.

“When we arrived at her room on the third floor and knocked, no one answered. Then we heard a sound of something breaking on a floor below, where we found Soraya with two bags.”

In the bags were computer parts, mobile phones, an Apple Mac mini, a Mac keyboard, chargers, pliers, a hammer and a screwdriver, he added.

Above Soraya were holes through her neighbour’s roof and bathroom ceiling. She suffered only minor injuries in her landing.

“Her partner, ‘Max’, escaped,” said Capt Suchart.

Police had tracked Soraya down while investigating a burglary in Pa Khlok, Thalang, he added.

“Ms Patchara Kotha, 30, reported a burglary at her home in Moo Baan Yamu on Saturday (Jan 23),” explained Capt Suchart.

“Ms Kotha reported that her Samsung mobile phone, a MacBook Air, a MacBook Mini, a wallet with B15,000 cash and credit cards, and a passport issued to Peter John Horilton were stolen,” he said.

“We went to investigate soon after learned from a security guard that he suspected a man and a woman seen in the area earlier that night.

“We checked CCTV and tracked down the license plate number of the suspects’ motorbike, which was registered to a Mr Max Cotter, 27, a Thai national registered as living at an address in Srisoonthorn.

“Mr Cotter was arrested twice in Kathu on theft charges and was released from jail last October. When we went to his home he was not there, but today an undercover policeman told us that Max was living with his girlfriend at Laylatong in Patong, where we arrested Soraya,” he said.

Soraya confessed that she and Max broke into and robbed Ms Kotha’s home at 1:30am on Saturday, said Capt Suchart.

“She said that Max had sold most of the stolen items already. They would break up the stolen computers and sell the parts,” he said.

At the press conference this morning, Mr Horilton had his mobile phone, MacBook Air and MacBook Mini returned, but not his passport or cash.

Soraya has been charged with committing theft in the nighttime using getaway vehicle, confirmed Capt Suchart.

“We are still looking for Max,” he said.