Drug dealer busted in rented Phuket apartment

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: A man from Nakorn Sri Thammarat was arrested at a room in Phuthara Mansion Apartments when he was found to be in possession of drugs, a gun and ammunition when police set him up in a sting operation on Thursday (Jan 14).

Police seized from Saishon 234.67 grams of ya ice, 331 ya bah pills, a gun and bullets. Photo: Darawan Naknakhon


As part of their on-going anti-drug and -crime campaign, Phuket Narcotic Police led by Lt Col Prawit Engchuwn arrested 37-year-old Saishon Tangkleng who was found in possession of crystal meth (ya ice), methamphetamine pills (ya bah), a gun and ammunition in a room of the Phuthara Resort in Wichit.

Police seized from Saishon 234.67 grams of ya ice, 331 ya bah pills, drug taking paraphernalia, 2 packs of plastic bags, a .38 pistol, two .38 bullets, a mobile phone and Mitsubishi Lancer.

“The arrest of Saishon came after narcotics police received a tip-off from undercover officers that a man was selling drugs to local teenagers in the Wichit area. They were told that the man always had drugs in his possession ready to sell,” Lt Col Prawit said at a press conference held yesterday (Jan 15).

“After receiving more details on the suspect, we had undercover officers contact him to buy drugs. He called back and told his potential client to pick up the drugs from a room at Phuthara Mansion Apartments.

“Saishon soon discovered that his clients were in fact police and handed over several small bags of ya ice weighing 15.31 grams and 322 meth pills. He also had 13.76 grams of ya ice hidden in his car. The other items were seized from his home in Wichit,” Col Prawit explained.

“Saishon admitted that he sold drugs from the rented room and that all the seized items belonged to him. He said he brought the drugs from his supplier known only as Tee,” he added.

Saishon was taken to Wichit Police Station to be charged with illegal possession of a Category 1 drug with intend to sell and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.