Two Phuket teens arrested for rob and assault of Finnish tourist

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Two teenagers were arrested yesterday (Jan 12) for assaulting and robbing a Finnish tourist after one of them slashed her arm with a knife during a snatch and grab theft in Karon.

Serm and Chai told police they have committed robberies in Chalong and Wichit many times before the arrest.


The theft happened last Saturday (Jan 9) as 31-year-old Ms Mari Inkeri Ruohonen was walking with her husband in front of Kataturk Restaurant in Soi Kloktanod in Karon.

Two teenagers approached them and attempted to snatch her bag. However, Ms Ruohonen fought back so one of the teens slashed her wrist with a knife leaving her with a 25cm slash wound.

The thieves then ran off with her bag which contained cash and other valuable items.

Following the report of the incident, Karon Deputy Superintendent Lt Col Pachai Mutayan and his team investigated and checked CCTV footage from the area, and yesterday arrested an 18-year-old named only as Serm and 19-year-old Chai at properties in Land and House in Chalong and Phuket Villa 5 in Wichit respectively.

Police seized from the two one knife, camouflage shirt, two helmets and a Honda Scoopy.

Karon Police Chief Col Sompong Boonrat explained that police managed to identify the two from CCTV footage and also managed to get the licence plate number of their get away vehicle.

“The licence plate on the getaway vehicle was fake, but when officers followed the teens movements it led them to Land and House. There officers spotted one teen driving a similar motorbike and when they searched it they found the victim’s purse in the basket,” he said.

“We questioned the driver, Serm, and he told us that he drove the motorbike that day and robbed the tourist with his friend Chai. It was Chai who got off the bike and assaulted the victim before snatchin the bag.

“We later arrested Chai at a house Phuket Villa 5 in Wichit,” he added.

Serm and Chai told police admitted to the theft and said they done it because they were high on kratom. They also told police that on Jan 9 they also attempted to rob a Chinese tourist in Soi Kedkwan in Karon. However, that theft failed so they drove around town looking for another victim which led them to Ms Ruohonen who was heading back to her hotel.

“We learned that both Serm and Chai have committed robberies in Chalong and Wichit many times before the arrest,” Col Sompong added.

Both were taken to Karon Police Station to face their charges.

These kids are the ones who make Phuket so dangerous to tourists as well as locals.