Ya bah worth over B7mn seized off Phuket

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: A man and woman from Nakhorn Sri Thammarat were arrested by Region 8 police in Phang-nga on Friday (Jan 8) when they were found to be in possession of 70,000 methamphetamine pills (ya bah) worth more than seven million baht.

Ms Jiraporn Phromnoo, 42, and Somnieg Rammanee had in total 70,000 ya bah pills worth over 7 million baht. – See more at: http://www.thephuketnews.com/ya-bah-worth-over-b7mn-seized-off-phuket-55741.php#sthash.MJHbKE3P.dpuf


The arrest of the two was announced at a press conference held jointly by Region 8 Police’s Lt General Tesa Siriwato and Deputy Superintendent of Phuket City Police Lt Col Prawit Engchuwn today (Jan 11) at the Region 8 Police Headquarters in Mai Khao.

At the press conference, police presented Ms Jiraporn Phromnoo, 42, and Somnieg Rammanee together with their stash of 70,000 pills and other seized items including two mobile phones and Isuzu pick up truck with a Phattalung licence plate.

Jiraporn and Somnieg were initially charged with illegal possession of a category 1 drug with intent to sell and attempting to sell a category 1 drug (10,000 meth pills).

However, Jiraporn was later charged again with with illegal possession of a Category 1 drug with intent to sell after police discovered a further 60,000 pills at a rambutan fruit orchard in the Chauat district of Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

The arrest of Jiraporn and Somnieg came after Phuket drug and crime suppression police arrested Patchanee Pantip with 10 ya bah pills in Srisoonthon on January 7.

Patchanee was charged with Category 1 drug in possession, but to lessen her penalty, she told police that there would be a drug delivery made in Phang-nga on January 8 and provided officers with the time and location.

On January 8, Phang-nga and Phuket drug and crime suppression police nabbed Jiraporn and Somnieg with 10,000 meth pills at the Rachaphurg PTT gasoline station in Phang-nga.

The next day, police seized a further 60,000 pills in Chauat. They also searched a house in Phattalung where they seized bank account books and other documents related to drug transactions.

Lt Col Prawit said officers followed the drug trail through four provinces to make the arrests and that the total value of the drugs seized amounted to over 7 million baht.

“Jiraporn and Somnieg said they have been selling ya bah in addition to farming mushrooms in Nakorn Sri Thammarat. They got paid B20,000 to transport the drugs from Krabi to Phuket,” he added.

Pol Lt General Tesa said that following the arrests of Jiraporn and Somnieg they have issue two more warrants drug suspects in the network.

“We know that drug smuggling and transporting are most common in Chumpon and Nakorn Sri Thamarat and we will have more officers sent to these areas,” he said.