Phuket police nab nine, net 3 kilos of kratom, 30+ grams of meth, pills, gun and bullet

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Nine small-time drug users are in jail while Phuket police over the past several days have logged seizing a total of three kilogrammes of kratom, a little over 32 grammes of crystal meth, 43 meth pills, a home made gun and bullet.

On January 6, at 2pm, Muang police arrested Mr Somchai Kongli, 41 with 2.6 kilogrammes of Kratom, and charged with possession of a Category 5 addictive drug (kratom) without permit

At the same time, Muang police arrested 34-year-old Mr Vijit Naka with 350 grammes of the plant and was also charged with possession, while B600 in cash was seized as evidence.

At 11pm on January 6, Muang police arrested Ms Lumruai Laengsanam, 41, with 0.62 g of crystal meth, and charged her with possession of a Category 1 addictive drug (Ya Ice) without permit.

At 1:30pm that day, Muang police arrested Mr Anandaphon Saekuay, 39, in possession 1.89 g of crystal meh, and charged with possession of a Category 1 (Ya Ice) addictive drug without permit.

At 11:15pm the same night, Muang Police arrested Mr Sutthichai Puangmatet, 32, who was caught with 7.56 g of crystal meth and 43 meth pills (ya ba), as well as a home-made firearm and one 12-guage live round. Mr Suttichai was subsequently charged with possession Category 1 drugs (Ya Ice and Ya Ba), and possession of a firearm and ammunition – all without permits.
On January 7 at 2:15pm, police arrested Mr Nattaporn Keuakul, 31, and Ms Amarat Wuttikorn, 28, who were in possession of 21.83 g of crystal meth. Chalong Police charged them both with possession of a Category 1 drug without permit.

At 3pm on January 7, Chalong Police arrested Mr Thammarat Homket, 25, caught in possession of 0.53 g of crystal meth, and subsequently charged accordingly.

At 3:30pm on January 8, Muang Police arrested Mr Thaviwat Prachoom, 27 with 40 g of kratom. He was charged with possession of a Category 5 drug (kratom) without permit.