Serial thief arrested in Phuket

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Police on Tuesday (Jan 5) arrested a man who has admitted to a spate of burglaries in Phuket Town carried out in the past month.

26-year-old Chatchai ‘Beer’ Klanphakdee admitted to carrying out eight thefts in the past month.

After receiving a number of complaints about break in and thefts in and around Phuket Town police investigated, and after speaking to witnesses and checking CCTV footage they found the same man was carrying out the crimes.

“When our investigation team looked into this case we learned that the man carrying out the crimes was similar to a man arrested in May 2011,” Deputy Chief of Phuket City Police Col Peerayuth Karajedi said.

Chatchai ‘Beer’ Klanphakdee, 26, from Thayang in Petchaburi, who had indeed been arrested in 2011, was tracked down to a house in Cherng Thalay and found to be in possession of a number of stolen items.

“At first, we only found one notebook and a motorbike, but after questioning Chatchai he told us that he had stolen eight times in the past month,” Col Peerayuth explained.

“After that, we found eight more notebooks, two motorbikes, a guitar and tools used for the thefts in his possession,” he added.

Chatchai was taken to Phuket City Police Staion where he was charged with unlawful taking of property that does not being belong him the charge of which carries a punishment of imprisonment of three years and a fine of B6,000.