Police hunt Patong jet-ski thug for gun intimidation

PHUKET: Police are looking for a Patong Beach jet-ski operator who allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened at least one other rival jet-ski operator during a heated argument on the beach yesterday (Dec 10).

Jet-skis are towed along Patong Beach in the morning.

Lt Col Suthichai Tienpo arrived with his team of officers near Loma Park at 11:30am after receiving a call from a local vendor.

Two groups of jet-ski operators had an altercation on the beach and one man pulled a gun out and threatened his rivals, the vendor reported, said Col Suthichai.

“The man’s name is Banyong Thongket. He owns some jet-skis and trailers,” Col Suthichai said. “He had fled the scene by the time we got there, but he left his jeep, an Isuzu, behind.”

Apparently Banyong left his “wife” behind at the scene, too.

“We questioned her and she accompanied us back to their house, but he was not home,” Col Suthichai said.

“So we asked her to come back to Loma Park, where officers had found a replica .357 handgun and rubber bullets inside the vehicle,” he added.

Banyong faces charges of public endangerment, Col Suthichai said.

“The other persons involved in the incident have declined to file a complaint against him, but his behaviour was dangerous in a public place. He will be charged for threatening in order to intimidate another person,” he said.

“We are still looking for the suspect, but we will find him and bring him in for questioning about this.”