Phuket drug dealer arrested with over 500 grams of ya ice

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Police seized more than 500 grams of crystal meth (ya ice) worth about B1 million from a drug dealer who told police he bought the drugs via someone inside Phuket prison.

26-year-old Paitoon “Ton” Asiramethi was arrested with over 500g of ya ice. Photo: Darawan Naknakorn

A team of officers led by Lt Col Prawit Eagchuwn arrested 26-year-old Paitoon “Ton” Asiramethi on Saturday (Nov 28) when he was initially found to be in possession of 9.71g of the drug.

The arrest of Paitoon came after police received a tip-off that he was selling ya ice to teenagers in and around Phuket Town.

On Saturday, police were assigned to follow Paitoon, and when he stopped his motorbike outside a convenience store in Wichit they approached him and carried out a search. Police found 9.71g of ya ice in his trousers.

Police then went to Paitoon’s home and conducted a search there which led to the discovery of a further two packages of ya ice containing 245g and 295g.

Paitoon admitted that he received the ya ice via a contact in Phuket Provincial Prison and that he had been dealing for about 2 months.

However, Paitoon told police that the ya ice was not good quality and had been returned to him and he was waiting to speak to his dealer so he could return it all to him.

Paitoon has been charged with possession of a category one drug with intent to sell.