13 people arrested at Phuket transport company collecting kratom

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Police arrested 13 people who turned up at a local transport company to collect a total of 41.5 kilos of kratom worth B100,000 this morning (Nov 17).

13 people arrested at Phuket transport company collecting kratom

The arrest of the 12 men and one woman and seizure of the drugs were announced at a press conference held at Phuket City Police Station at 3pm today.

According to the police report it said that all 13 suspects were part of a drug network based in Bangkok that smuggles kratom onto the island to sell to local dealers in and around Muang district.

The 13 were all arrested at Srisuchart Transport Co Ltd on Chalermprakiet Rd in Rassada when they came to to collect the kratom packages.

The 13 were named as follows:

1. Suthep Songthong, 28, from Rassada

2. 17-year-old (name withheld) from Mai Khao

3. Amarit Kumbaan, 28, from Muang district

4. Ms Uraiwan Siamsorn, 23, from Wichit

5. Wuthikul Kitiphatphumikul, 28, from Kathu

6. Taweesak Sookthong, 26, from Songkhla

7. Jirawat Phakdeewanich, 24, from Pattalung

8. Kantaphit Ektiewskul, 21, from Wichit

9. Nattapon Nunking, 21, from Talad Yai

10. Yaranan Bao-on, 27, from Nakorn Sri Thammarat

11.Pongsiri Yoksap, 18, from Nakorn Sri Thammarat

12.Wittaya Klaytook, 24, from Krabi

13Jenwit Sributhtra, 23, from Talad Yai

Phuket City Chief Investigator Col Somkid Boonyarat revealed that buyers would contact the group via Facebook and order kratom deliveries for B900 per kilo. The parcels would then be shipped to the transport company in Rassada as soon as the money had been transfer to the dealer’s account.

“We have been monitoring the group since the beginning of month, as soon as we got a tip-off today that a delivery would be made to the transport company officers were dispatched to wait for them to come and collect the parcels.

“Our officers approached the group when they showed up to claim the packages and when they opened them they found kratom leaves inside,” said Col Somkid.

All 13 were charged with illegal possession of a Category 5 drug.

A Facebook page for drug dealers?  LOL

Well, they say it pays to advertise…