Phuket drug delivery man arrested in police sting operation

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: A drug delivery man was arrested in Phuket Town last Thursday (Nov 12) during a sting operation in which he was set up to make a delivery to a regular customer at the car park of the Expo Phuket shopping centre.

Surachai Srijang was found to be in possession of a total of 76.32 grams of ya ice and 43 ya bah pills.

Phuket City Police’s Maj Rittichai Chumchuy led a team of officers to arrest 36-year-old Surachai Srijang from Rassada at the car park of Expo Phuket on Dilok Uthit Rd at 6:30pm while he was attempting to delivery drugs to his client Rattanaporn “Nui” Rattanapun.

Surachai was found to be in possession of 76.32 grams of crystal meth (ya ice) and 43 meth pills (ya bah). Police also seized from him digital scales, plastic bags, a phone and Honda Click.

The arrest of Surachai came after police arrested Rattanaporn on November 11 with 4mgs of ya ice (see story here) and told him to arrange to buy 50g from his dealer named Phurn.

Rattanaporn called Phurn and ordered the drugs and told him he wanted them delivered the next day. Phurn agreed to have the drugs delivered to Nimit Circle in Talad Yai, but Rattanaporn asked for them to be delivered to the Expo car park in case it was raining.

Maj Rittichai said, “Around 6pm Surachai arrived at the car park on a Honda Click, we approached him and searched his motorbike where we found 41.05g of ya ice in a plastic bag inside a brown bag he was carrying. We later discovered 43 ya bah pills and a further 35.27g of ya ice at his home in Rassada.

“Surachai admitted that all the drugs belonged to Phurn and that he would get paid B5,000 each time he made a delivery.

“He had made five deliveries this month, and on November 12 Phurn contacted him to make a delivery to Rattanaporn. He picked up the drugs from Phurn near the Land Transportation office in Rassada.”

Surachai was taken to Phuket City Police Station where he was charged with possession of Category 1 drug with intent to sell.