Six nabbed in Phuket drug sting

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Six drug dealers were arrested on Friday (Nov 6) through a sting operation carried out by Phuket City Police.

Piphan Tantipradit, 31, was the first suspect to be arrested.

A team of officers led by Lt Col Prawit Eagchuwn arrested five men and one woman who were all suspected of being in the same drug network on the island.

Police seized a total of 246 grams of crystal meth, 114 meth pills, along with one Thai pradit pistol and a bullet.

The six were named as followed:

1. Piphan Tantipradit, 31, was found with nine bags of crystal meth, totalling to 54 grams. He was arrested in Sirikit Place parking lot on Pattana Rd in Talad Neua.

2. Nouwanan Limgnawn, 36, was arrested while she attempted to sell drugs to undercover police on Luang Phor Rd in Talad Yai. She was found to be in possession of 140 grams of crystal meth, which was separated into three small bags.

3. Chatchai Chotipanang, 27, was arrested at Moo Baan Sapan Hin with 15 bags of crystal meth (50 grams total) as well as 33 meth pills.

4. Satithep Na Bangchang, 21, arrested in Moo Baan Sapan Hin with two grams of crystal meth,11 meth pills, a Thai pradit gun and one bullet.

5. Surachet Pisetsin, 24, was arrested in a parking lot next to Bang Ku junction in Koh Kaew. He was found to be in possession of 20 meth pills.

6. Ken Pathan, 22, was arrested in soi Khao Lan in Srisoonthon with 50 meth pills.

Lt Col Prawit said, “The arrest came after police and undercover police carried out an investigation which went on for several months and involved the arrest of Piphan (suspect 1), followed by the remaining members of the group within the sting operation.

“We apprehended Ms Naowanan, the drug supplier, who claims she obtained her drugs from an inmate in Rachaburi prison and distributed it to local dealers.”

Piphan, Surachet and Naowanan were all taken to Phuket City Police Station, while Chaichai was taken to Wichit Police Station and they were charged with Category 1 with intent to sell.

Satithep was taken to Phuket City Police station where he was charged with Category 1 with intent to sell and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, while Ken was taken to Thalang Police Station and charged with Category 1 with intent to sell.