Two men investigated for multiple burglaries after 500 items seized from Phuket home

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Police are investigating two men who are suspected of being behind a spate of burglaries on a Phuket City housing estate after finding more than 500 items in their home, all of which are believed to have been stolen.

More than 500 items were displayed by police after they were seized from a house in Moo Baan Phuket City Home.

Phuket City Police held a press conference yesterday afternoon (Nov 5) to report on the progress into their investigation on a spate of burglaries at the Moo Baan Phuket City Home, and displayed more than 500 items suspected of being stolen from various homes on the estate.

Speaking at the press conference, Pol Deputy Superintendent Col Sakchai Limjareon said, “We have received so many complaints of theft and burglary in the past four months, and most victims are from Moo Baan Phuket City Home.

“After checking CCTV footage from the area we noticed one vehicle that parked near or at the victim’s houses during the time frame of the the items being reported stolen.

“The vehicle turned out to be a rental rented by the occupants of one of the houses on the estate,” he said.

“When officers searched the house they discovered a huge collection of Buddha images, amulets and jewellery. They also found receipts for some items that had been sold to pawn shops in the Nonthaburi and Bangkok areas.

“The homeowner (who police refused to name but have said is 30-years-old) told us that all items belong to his friend who stayed with him, he denied all allegations. His friend told us he bought the Buddha images from friends because he likes to collect the items,” Col Sakchai added.

The seized items were put on display at Phuket City Police Station for victims to check to see if they belong to them.

“So far three victims have come and confirmed some items belong to them. If you were the victim of a recent burglary in this area please come in while police gather information and collecting evidence about ownership of these seized items” Col Sakchai concluded.

Police are continuing to investigating both the home owner and his friend, but no charges have yet been filed.