Serial car robber, 18, splashed booty on Phuket partying

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Police have arrested an 18-year-old from Songkhla for a spate of smash-and-grab car break-ins in Phuket, with the perpetrator confessing to eight vehicle robberies within the past two months and spending his ill-gotten gains on partying and drugs.

Chetsadakorn Sukkrajang demonstrates how he broke into the vehicles for money to party in Phuket. Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub

Phuket City Police arrested Chetsadakorn Sukkrajang near the Choknamtang Transport Co Ltd workers camp where he lived, on Thepkasattri Rd in Srisoonthon, at 9pm last night (Oct 30).

Police seized two pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses, three Buddha image amulets along with a blue Honda Wave registered in Chumphon and one monkey wrench used in carrying out the robberies.

Pol Lt Col Somsak Thongkleang said that Chetsadakorn’s arrest followed five victims filing complaints that their vehicles had been broken into and robbed during September and October.

“We checked CCTV in the areas where the robberies were reported and tracked down the getaway vehicle to the owner in Chumphon,” he said.

“Woraphan Kamhong, 34, the registered owner of the motorbike used in the robberies, is an employee of Choknamtang Transport Co Ltd. He told police that he often lent his motorbike to his workmate Chetsadakorn, who said that he used it to go visit his parents in Wichit.”

Mr Woraphan led police to Chetsadakorn’s accommodation, where he was placed under arrest.

Chetsadakorn later confessed to police that he had robbed eight vehicles in Phuket, the latest one on October 29, said Col Somsak.

“He said he broke into four vehicles on that one night: one parked near Suang Luang Park, one on Sakdidet Rd, another on the bypass road and a fourth at a housing estate near the Heroines Monument,” explained Col Samsak.

“He targeted only vehicles parked away from street lights and in deserted areas, and he stole only valuable items and cash.

“He said he used the money stolen for partying, such as going to karaoke bars, massage parlours and for buying drugs. He kept the amulets and sunglasses for himself,” Col Somsak said.

Chetsadakorn had a history of petty crime, Col Somsak added.

“He had been previously arrested in Songkhla four times for theft and once for drug possession,” he said.

Chetsadakorn was charged at Phuket City Police Station with theft at night by using getaway vehicle and with damaging other people’s property.