Phuket snatch and grab thief nabbed by locals after crashing into car

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Phuket police arrested a snatch and grab thief who this morning (Oct 9) stole a woman’s bag while she was riding a motorbike on Chao Fa East Rd. The arrest was made after the man crashed his motorbike into a vehicle stopped at a set of red traffic lights and was apprehended by members of the public.

Police question the thief, Boonphiphob Baowan, 29, from Khon Kaen.

Phuket City Police were called to investigate an incident on Chao Fa East Rd and upon arrival found a Honda Zoomer X smashed into the front of a Toyota Altis.

Local residents had captured a man, Boonphiphob Baowan, 29, from Khon Kaen and told police that he he had attempted to flee from 35-year-old Siriwan Tongsiri after he had snatched her bag while riding her motorbike in front of Suan Luang Rama 9 park.

Ms Siriwan told police, “He pulled up so close to my motorbike and grabbed my bag out of the front basket.”

Lt Saman Phromhom said that Ms Siriwan chased after Boonphiphob on her motorbike and yelled for help. He tried to make a u-turn but lost control of his motorbike and crashed into the vehicle waiting at the traffic lights.

Boonphiphob was taken to Phuket City Police Station where he was charged with theft and reckless driving.