Thalang Police on hunt for Phuket motorbike arsonist

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Thalang Police hope that fingerprint samples will lead them to the arsonist who set a man’s Honda Wave motorbike ablaze early this morning.

Thalang Police on hunt for Phuket motorbike arsonist

At 4am this morning, Pol Maj Kraisorn Bunprasop of the Thalang Police Station was alerted to an arson incident that occured at a house in the Ban Phrusomparn village of Thepkrasattri sub district’s Moo 8.

Arriving to the scene, house number 240, Pol Maj Kraisorn met with residents Mr Natee Manabutr, 47, and his wife, who showed the officer their badly-damaged Honda Wave 100 motorbike, which had been burnt to a black crisp.

Mr Natee gave a statement that he and his wife had been sleeping when they were rudely awakened to realize their motorbike, parked in front of the house, was in flames.

Mr Natee said that he, his wife and neighbors proceded to extinguish the fire using buckets of water, fearing that the flames would spread to the house

It took about 10 minutes before the flames were completely doused, he noted.

In front of the house, nearby, Pol Maj Kraisorn found a clue, a green 5-litre oil container.

“There was still oil inside so we collected it and brought it back to Thalang Police Station to collect fingerprint samples as evidence,” Maj Kraisorn said.

Police also invited Mr Natee to Thalang Police Station for further questioning but did not provide any details about a suspect or motive.