Police sting operation leads to more drug arrests in Phuket

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Another drug dealer was arrested in Rassada today (September 12) for possession of drugs and unregistered guns after police set up a sting operation.

Theerapong Kumpairan.

A drug dealer from Nakorn Sri Thamarat was arrested in Moo Baan Irawadee Bypass after another dealer gave his name and information to police when he was arrested yesterday (September 11).

At 2 pm, Theerapong Kumpairan, 31, was arrested with 10.77 grams of crystal meth, one non registered Thai pradit pistol, one Smith and Wesson revolver with six round of bullets inside, eight round of .38mm bullets, drug paraphernalia, and a digital scale.

The arrest of Theerapong came after police nabbed 25-year-old Prathan Wiwatsongchai at a house on Soi Bang Chee Lao with drugs and a gun that Prathan claimed belonged to Theerapong.

Pol Lt Ritthichai Chumchoy who led the arrest said, “At 1:30pm, Theerapong contacted Prathan and asked if Prathan can bring some crystal meth to his home, but Prathan told him to pick it up at his home instead.

When Theerapong arrived on a pick up truck to Prathan’s home, we approached him.”

Police then searched his home in Moo Baan Irawadee in Rassada where they found three bags of crystal meth in the kitchen, two guns and bullets in the bedroom.

Theerapong told police on August 27, he bought five bundles of meth pills for B230,000 per bundle (100,000 pills per bundle) and 200 grams of crystal meth (B230,000 per 100 g) from a woman known only as Jay, whom he contacted via mobile phone.

“I divided it into small bags and sold it to local dealers and addicts. I bought the bullets and guns from a woman named Uthumporn in Krabi on September 12, for B35,000, ” Theerapong told police.

Theerapong was being held at Provincial police station where he was charged with illegal possession of Category 1 drug with intent to sell and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

What?  No cops behind him in the picture?  Must have all been at the donut shop.