Phuket temple thief caught in the act

From the Phuket News:

Phuket: The wanted temple thief was finally caught yesterday morning (September 11) after he returned to the scene of the crime for round two.

The temple thief is finally caught.

At 7:30am, Thalang police led by Lt Col Amnoy Krawuttinan arrested Thawatchai Sirimonkol, 24, at Wat Srisoonthon after the head monk called in and stated that someone had broken into wat and was hiding inside the temple.

Thawatchai was arrested with several stolen items including 24 yuan bank notes, one US dollar, B70, a bag containing B300 worth of coins, two Buddha amulets, and two mobile phones. Police also seized a Honda wave from him.

Thawatchai turned out to be the wanted suspect on the CCTV footage that police saw on September 5.

Somchay Saethan, 37, supervisor of the office of cultural tourism at Srisoonthon Temple or Wat Lipon in Thalang, filed a complain that a thief had broken into the office and stolen various items.

Lt Col Amnoy said, “Last time, Thawatchai stole over B10,000 in valuables, and today he returned to the temple to steal some more, but his luck ran out.”

Thawatchai was taken to Thalang police station where he was charged with theft.

What a brainiac!  Goes back to the scene of the crime and gets caught.

Man, I didn’t know they had that many police in Phuket as there are in the photo.  Must be some relatives in there.