Phuket drug dealer arrested in police sting operation

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: A drug dealer from Nakorn Sri Thamarat was arrested in Rassada today (Sept 11) when he was caught in possession of 41 grams of crystal meth (ya ice) and 58 methamphetamine pills (ya bah) he was about to deliver. He also had a gun and two shotgun cartridges.

Prathan Wiwatsongchai was arrested at a house on Soi Bang Chee Lao in Rassada.

Provincial police arrested 25-year-old Prathan Wiwatsongchai at a house on Soi Bang Chee Lao and seized digital scales, a Honda Click, mobile phone and drug taking paraphernalia.

The arrest of Prathan came after police arrested 41-year-old Manoo Thipmanee earlier in the day also for drug possession.

Manoo told police that Prathan belonged to a drug network operated from Nakorn Sri Thamarat Prison by an inmate named Sopon who he contacted by mobile phone to order drugs.

Manoo contacted Prathan to buy drugs as a set-up arranged by police and asked to buy 30 ya bah pills at a cost of B170 per pill and 3 grams of ya ice at B2,500 per gram. Prathan agreed to deliver the drugs to Manoo’s home on Soi Bang Chee Lao.

“We approached Prathan as soon as we saw him approaching the house on with his motorbike and searched him.

“We found four bags of ya ice totalling 4.80 grams and 30 ya bah pills,” Pol Lt Ritthichai Chumchoy said.

Prathan took police to his home where they discovered a further 36.21 grams of ya ice and 28 ya bah pills in the bedroom. All the drugs were divided into small packages police said.

Prathan told police the drugs and pistol belong to his friend Theerapong Kumpairan who lives in Moo Baan Irawadee Bypass.

“I keep the drugs for Theerapong and he gave me the gun for protection,” Prathan told police.

Prathan was taken to the Phuket Provincial Police Station where he was charged with illegal possession of Category 1 drugs with intent to sell and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.