Police hunt Phuket temple thief caught on CCTV

From the Phuket News:

PHUKET: Police are currently looking for a man seen on CCTV breaking into an office at the Srisoonthon temple in Thalang and stealing over B10,000 in valuables.

A image of the thief captured on CCTV.

Thalang police received a call at 2:30pm today (Sept 5) from Somchay Saethan, 37, supervisor of the office of cultural tourism at Srisoonthon Temple or Wat Lipon in Thalang stating that a thief had broken into the office and stolen various items.

Police arrived at the scene and checked CCTV footage which showed a Thai male around 170-175 centremetres tall use a wrench to crack a window to gain entry to the office. He is seen going inside and then leaving five minutes later.

The thief stole a gold chain worth around B5,600, one mobile phone worth B5,000 and B200 in cash, police were told.

The three people who the items belonged to, named as Weerasak Saeyang, 18, Zhiwping Saezerng, 42, and Jalae Saeyang ,38, all employees at the temple, took police to the room which had been broken into and told them that the thief had gained entry via a sliding window.

“All the workers were in another building at the time of the break-in and when they returned to the office found that the room has been ransack,” said Lt Sanit Nookong of the Thalang police.

“We are now looking to find the man in the CCTV footage and bring him in for questioning,” he added.