Fast and furious – man nabbed with ya ba after Phuket police chase

From The Phuket News:

PHUKET: Thalang police patrolling the area of Moo 4 village, Baan Don, yesterday (April 13), were overtaken by a man on a black, red and white Honda Sonic motorcycle, who cut in front of them at high speed.

Siripong was reluctant to meet the press

The officers thought they recognized the rider as Siripong Mueangkaew, 26, suspected of dealing in drugs, so they took off in pursuit.

They ordered him to stop, but instead he sped up, prompting police to call for help from a police checkpoint up the road.

Seeing the checkpoint, Siripong did a swift U-turn. But the officers following behind him had anticipated this, and slung their patrol car across the road, blocking it near the Tesco-Lotus Express store in Baan Khien.

Siripong swerved and crashed his bike, then swiftly picked himself up and fled on foot. To no avail. Aided by a local villager, the police caught him.

The ensuing police search uncovered a leather bag in in his possession, which contained 960 orange methamphetamine (ya ba) pills, all marked with the letters “WY”. They also took possession of two mobile phones. The pills would have a street value of around B400,000.

They took Siripong to the police station were, later in the day, his father Surawat, a prominent local man, turned up in a four-door, bronze-coloured Ford truck with “Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives” stickers on it.

He was accompanied by his lawyer and was in a bad mood, suspecting the police had mistreated his son.

When Siripong complained that his head hurt, his father and the lawyer demanded he be given medical attention. The police obliged, sending him under armed escort to Thalang hospital.

Following an inspection and X-ray, Siripong was declared undamaged and was returned to Thalang police station, where he was charged with possession of a Category 1 narcotic with intent to sell, and obstructing the police in the execution of their duty.

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