Irishman caught in Phuket drug dealer busts

From The Phuket News:

PHUKET: Kathu police last night (April 8) caught three low-end drug dealers – two Thais and an Irishman.

The three alleged dealers – seated from left, Dome, Brady and Ann – look glum in custody

The first to be caught by Pol Lt Col Kunnadet NaNongkai and his team was Parinya “Dome” Dornloy, 33. He was arrested after being found to have 0.43 grams of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice) and five methamphetamine pills. He was charged with possession of a Catergory 1 narcotic with intent to sell.

The Irishman was second. James Joseph Brady, 45, was caught holding 2.8 grams of ya ice, and was also charged with possession with intent to sell.

The third was Sumalee “Ann” Saenkampa, 34, found in possession of 2.2 gram of ya ice. She now faces a charge identical to the first two dealers.

Glum indeed…but the cops aren’t!

One thought on “Irishman caught in Phuket drug dealer busts
  1. There should be zero tolerance for these dealers. No matter where you go these days, especially in my own country South Africa, drug dealers seem to flourish. They should be locked up for good.

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